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We are your source for local swimming pool cleaning for Westlake, TX. Our desire is to provide all Westlake residents with clear, blue, and healthy pool water all year-round. Cleaning a pool in Texas can be a very challenging and time consuming task for homeowners to do themselves. Our pool techs take away all the hassle and worry with our weekly pool cleaning plans. Our business is family owned, family operated, and has been providing swimming pool care, repairs, and pool cleaning to Westlake area pools for a number of years.

Our Full & Partial Cleaning Service Plans for Westlake, TX Residents

Full Cleaning Plan
The Full Cleaning Plan has a 23 Point Pool Cleaning Package which covers service work on everything from pool chemicals to vacuuming and netting. With the Full Plan, you get all that a standard pool needs on an ongoing basis. As of September, 2017 our Full plan starts as low as $128/month. Full Plan Details »

Partial Cleaning Plan
* Monthly price based on a 4-week month.
The Partial Cleaning Plan is similar to our Full Plan except that it does not include vacuuming and netting. So your swimming pool gets a 20 Point Pool Cleaning Package starting at $88/month. Partial Plan Details »

Important note: For pool owners who have a spa attached, all our cleaning services listed do include your spa, however this can cause the monthly cost to adjust. Contact us for details.

Full & Partial pool plans backed by our Service Guarantee
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23 Point Pool Cleaning Program for Westlake Pool Owners

Customers on our weekly Westlake service route will get these tasks performed by a qualified technician.

Westlake Swimming Pool Cleaning Plan Details

* For our Full Cleaning Plan customers only.

Learn more about our Full Cleaning Service Plan »

Learn more about our Partial Cleaning Service Plan »

Whether you reside in Westlake's 76092 or 76262 zip code (or a nearby area), we can provide you with weekly pool maintenance from our knowledgeable and dependable pool service technicians.

Our Great City of Westlake, TX

To find Westlake look south of Trophy Club and north of Keller. This small town extends from Hwy 322 in the west all the way to 114 in the east. The northern border runs along the northern expanse of 114 and the southern border is along Knox Rd.

Ready to enjoy your pool more?

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your swimming pool. Our company stands behind our cleaning plans with our Cleaning Guarantee.

Call us: 817-382-9040 or use our Request Service form to get a custom quote on cleaning your swimming pool.